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DJDTIME.COM needed a change

DJDTIME.COM needed a change.

After 6 long years DJDTIME.COM needed a change, so I decided to redesign the whole site from scratch mak­ing it eas­ier to use , I added news, blog, videos, reviews, you can lis­ten to music as well as share opin­ions about the music indus­try, all the effort I put on my new web­site is truly paid off. Please feel free to leave your opin­ions about the web­site and the music. Wel­come to the New DJDTIME.COM I am sure you will enjoy it!




3 Responses to "DJDTIME.COM needed a change"
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    08/04/2012 23:44


    I LOVE IT!

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    10/04/2012 15:48


    Excelente !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    13/04/2012 00:36

    Diana Zorin

    The World of Positivism
    The remixes of DJDTime Productions affect everybody dancing along with the music. The vibes are creating an atmosphere of the sound coming directly from the soul that leaves positive emotions. For those moments, all of the listeners and, essentially, dancers seem to transfer into another world, the world of imagination and pleasure of hearing the sounds of electronic music. Indeed,the key to the successful production is to make the time inconspicuous for the listener. While DJDTime’s mixes are playing, the time and the space merge into one stream and flow beyond the audience’s consciousness. Stopping the music would be strange and not expectable. The world this talented DJ creates on the dance floor is extraordinary, and the sense of the loss appear when the sounds fade. Still, the continuum of the club music is present long after the playback.
    I believe, the sounds flowing in the dance room leave the feeling of the ideal music for relaxing and gaining positive feelings. Emotions created by that music appear to be different for everybody. Yet, everyone has a desire to listen to the club remixes more, feel the movement of the invisible wave making people dance… and chill.


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