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Analog Recording Advantages

We have been born into the world with developing mass media. Recently, the convergence of the new technologies and methods of the information transportation has changed and improved tremendously. Yet, our generation became one of the last ones having the memory about old mass medium such as analog recording machines. In fact, in the childhood, we did not have such an enormous impact of the information. Analog recording is an expensive activity, but has a plenty of advantages on the sound aspect.

However, using the old methods and technologies creates a positive impact on the media quality. Indeed, from the prospective of studio production, analog audio recording still remains at the strong position. The sound quality appears crystal-clear even when using the analog devices such as a tape machine. The old-fashioned recorder creates a warm and smooth effect on the track. Different pieces of a composition glue together when recorded on the tape machine due to its analog advantages of soft transitions and natural sound.

Especially, a tape recorder would be useful for such recordings as classical or jazz tracks. The tape naturally creates an analog delay and reverb, smooths out the sound. The tape recorder is also capable of the immediate playback. There is no other processing needed to hear the recording. The recorder size is easy to work with and appears very portable.

Therefore, analog-recorded sessions are highly appreciated by classical, jazz, or New Age musicians seeking for the warm and natural sound as close to the sound of their instruments as possible.

Certainly, as the times change, the medium changes, and the consciousness of the modern generation changes. Even though modern people are comfortable with using the digital media, and the digital sound of the popular tracks heard on TV and radio on the daily basis, the analog technology still has certain advantages and can be used for a natural quality purposes.




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